wheels when you want them

wheels when you want them in arlington county.

Zipcar surrounds you in Arlington County, with over 50+ vehicles in the area. The beauty of car sharing is that a vehicle is there when you need it without the stress of owning your own. Just imagine never having to make a car payment, pay an auto insurance bill, or worry about the cost of gas again.

You can drive hybrids, trucks, luxury vehicles and more by the hour or day. Just reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard and drive. 

Once you are a Zipcar member you can use the service in any city that we have vehicles. No matter where you drive, gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates.

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Questions? Email Kristina Matthews (Regional Community Marketing Manager).


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Arlington County Residential Discount

Sign up now for the discounted rate of $35/year plus $25 in driving credit*

*driving credit offer expires July 31, 2017, communities listed here have a Zipcar on-site at the property

Property not listed? Join with the Arlington County resident discount below.

Arlington County Discount

I'm a resident of Arlington County and want to join Zipcar for $35 plus $25 in driving credit.*

*Driving credit offer expires July 31, 2017

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University Student Discount

I'm a student in the DC metro area and I want to join Zipcar for $15.*

*Available a unviersities affiliated with Zipcar.

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Zipcar for Business Discount

Zipcar offers businesses discounted membership and driving rates.

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