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This month, Zipcar conducted a survey of New York City drivers, exploring their habits, preferences and biggest challenges when it comes to owning and parking their cars in the city.

The takeaway? Parking a car is extremely stressful. 92% of respondents feel that finding a public parking spot in the city is at least “slightly stressful,” and more than 60% find it “very stressful” or “extremely stressful.”

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Zipcar today released the findings of its 2018 Impact Report during the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

The report – for the first time – comprehensively captures key findings gathered over Zipcar’s eighteen years of mobility leadership.

The findings, combined with objective third-party research, offer tangible evidence that car sharing continues to provide both members, and the cities they live in, with significant and distinct social and environmental benefits, at a time when new mobility offerings are on the rise.

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Today, Zipcar released the findings of a new study conducted by KRC Research, revealing that Americans are spending twice as much as they think on their personal cars.

Survey respondents reported spending $345 a month on their personal car, while a AAA survey shows they’re spending more than twice as much ($706 monthly).

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