Zipcar has partnered with the Red Sox Foundation again this year to support inner-city baseball and softball through the Foundation’s Reviving Baseball in Inner-Cities (RBI) Program.

Through the program, Zipcar provides RBI players and coaches with free access to thousands of Zipcars around the city to help them get to and from games, along with $15,000 in funds for new jerseys, gloves, bats and other equipment. The program also consists of an annual career exploration day at Zipcar’s global headquarters in Boston where players learn about a range of career paths from IT to marketing.

“RBI allows Boston youth to be a part of a safe and organized athletic program that helps them learn valuable life skills through practices, games, clinics, and other enrichment activities,” said Mick Blume, program specialist, Red Sox Foundation. “Zipcar’s support has allowed us to expand the program in a number of ways, including getting more kids to games, especially ones that aren’t accessible via public transportation.”

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