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three cars with equipment racks

how to find wheels with racks

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1. Select “Car Model”

2. Find the Yakima logo

(Hint: Look for the Subarus in US cities and MINIs in Vancouver.)

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learn the ropes (err, racks)

Watch these quick videos to see how to hook up your bikes, surfboards, skis, or snowboards.

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ski & snowboard rack
bike image
bike rack
surfboard image
surf rack

Ready to go?

First, read the terms of use. Have any questions? Check out our FAQs.


Terms of use:

In using the roof rack, Zipcar members agree to the following:

  • Follow instructions provided at zipcar.com/yakima to ensure equipment is properly mounted.
  • Use the rack for its intended use ONLY. Zipcar is not responsible for other objects and/or equipment that is mounted to the racks.
  • Note the maximum capacity of the racks:
    • Frontloader (bike rack): one bike (1) per mount.
    • FatCat (ski/snowboard rack): four (4) skis or (2) snowboards
    • SupDawg (surf rack): two (2) surf boards
  • Prior to and after use, review the rack to ensure that the rack system and vehicle are not damaged. Damages to look for include dents, bends and or loose and/or cracked parts. Damaged equipment can compromise the integrity of the rack and result in equipment failure. Please report damages to 1-866-4ZIPCAR to be connected with a member service representative who will provide you another vehicle that suits your needs. Members should grab and shake crossbars and the equipment to ensure that they are securely mounted to the vehicle and the rack.
  • Use Zipcar accessories at own risk.
  • © 2019 Zipcar, Inc. All rights reserved.